Personal Info:
Age: 18
Height: 5‘ 11"    Weight: 135 lbs. 
Hometown: Monroe Connecticut  
Hobbies: Skiing, fishing, hunting 
Years Racing: 12 years
Current Ride/Car: #72 SK Modified
Current Tracks/Series: Waterford Speedbowl / SK Modified 
Interesting Facts: Graduated high school as a Junior, with extra credits.
Currently studying at Naugatuck Valley Community College for Automotive.  
Top Racing Accomplishment: Winning the 2012 track championship at the Waterford Speedbowl in the Legend Car division. 
Career Goals: To turn racing into a professional career 

Racing Career Highlights and Accomplishments:

2000- First year of racing, ran kid kart at Norwalk, road course in Connecticut. Won fall series championship.
2001- Continued racing kid karts (age 6), also won championship that year at same track
2002- Still ran kid kart, began traveling to Maine and New York to oval tracks. Won the championship at Norwalk. 
2003- Moved up a class into Junior 1 and won the championship in that division. Continued to travel and race some ovals. 
2004- Still racing in Junior 1, last year at Norwalk and won championship. Started racing in the Northeast Pavement Series (ovals) and finished 4th in that series
2005- Started racing at Poughkeepsie Speedway in Poughkeepsie, NY in Junior 1. Continued in the Northeast Pavement Series and won both championships. 
2006- Moved up into Junior 2, won the championship at Poughkeepsie and finished second in the Northeast Pavement Series.

2007- Last year of go-karts, moved up into restricted Junior, won that championship at Poughkeepsie and finished second in the Northeast Pavement Series
2008- Did not complete any races this year to save money to purchase a Legend car. 
2009- First year of racing a Legend car at Waterford Speedbowl in Connecticut. First race ever, won the Young Lions feature, along with multiple top tens throughout the season. Finished 6th overall in the track championship standings, and 2nd overall as a young lion. 
2010- Season opener for the Legends at Waterford, was involved in a heavy crash shattering my left knee. Car was totaled and there was a 6 month recovery time. Built a brand new car over the winter.
2011- Raced in the Legends and came in second overall in the track championship and won the championship in the young lions division. Also received sportsman of the year award.
2012- Raced in the Legends at the Waterford Speedbowl in the Pro division and won the track championship, along with 11 top 5 finished out of 12 races. 
2013- Raced in the Legends at the Waterford Speedbowl in the Pro division and scored two wins and finished 3rd overall in the championship. Also attended the Legend car Nationals at Lake Erie Speedway and started 5th and finished 12th.

Marketing and 
Promotional Experience:

 In previous racing seasons, we have represented companies such as JK motorsports, Carquest, and Deka Batteries. Along with news articles, interviews, and decals on the car, there are some meet and greet events and autograph signings that help represent these companies. We are able to promote any company with maximum exposure. In the 2014 racing season I will be making my debut in the SK modified division. This is the premier division at ALL local tracks in the Northeast. Every race fan stays to watch this division. Along with exposure at the track, many fans can watch webisodes of the SK modified division through SIDS View on, or I will be attemtping to be the youngest SK modified division champion in the Waterford Speedbowls 62 year history at just 19 years old.

ABOUT :  Paul Kusheba IV